Mate的美式英语课带你一起学Expressing preference

I find taking the train much more convenient than traveling by air.
I prefer Chinese food to Korean food.
When I go downtown, I like to take a taxi rather than go by subway.
I like to walk to school as opposed to taking the bus, except during bad weather.
Jogging is my preferred form of exercise.
As far as I’m concerned, it is more convenient to live in the city than in the countryside.
In my opinion, nothing is more relaxing than going for a walk on the beach.
I think shopping online is easier than going to the mall.
I usually like to travel to Switzerland or Austria on my vacation.

Hey Isaac,
Have you thought about where we can go for dinner tomorrow? I have Western food all the time, so I usually prefer something exotic when eating out. Have you been to any of the Thai or Vietnamese downtown? Let me know your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Yours truly,

Dear Mario,
I’ve booked our hotel accommodations for the IT exhibition in Florida. We just need to arrange the transportation now. Would you rather travel by plane or bus? The price difference between the two is almost negligible. I would be fine either way, so let me know your preference and I’ll make the arrangements.





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