Mate的美式英语课带你一起学促销信写作实例 (1)



    Dear Customer

    When you own a computer at home or the office, how often do you say to yourself, “I wish I had an expert with me all the time” or “Oh computing work, I wish I were better instructed whenever I have problems”.

    The newly published handbook PROFESSOR WPS is your expert. It is your professor instructing you how to use the machine and how to obtain the perfect performance in word processing system.

    The handbook is the work of three university professors of computer science and two experienced computer technicians. It is not an introductory textbook to you but a hand-on tutorial providing easy-to-read application approaches. One hundred and eighty-eight questions and answers present solutions to your daily usage problems. The technological concepts and terms are explained with more than 200 photographs and illustrations appearing in the 250-page handbook. In it, you can read about keys without calling at the technician’s office whenever you get lost in processing. What is more, the bilingual explanation will make the job easier for users either speaking Chinese or English.

    Throughout the handbook the authors have attempted to conform to the most word processing usage. It will keep you well informed and able to converse easily with those specially designed questions and answers, each of which costs 10 cents, about 1/100 of the consulting fees for a technician.

    For a fast ownership of the handbook, please fill in the enclosed card as requested and return it as soon as possible. By sending the card before 30 August, you will obtain a special discount of 2 percent at our introductory stage.

    Yours faithfully






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