商业书信必须写得正确,因为它涉及到买卖双方的权利,义务,厉害关系,是各种商业单据(如合同)的根据。 广义的说,商业书信的正确性表现在: (一) 运用正确的语言水平 (二) 叙述得正确 (三) 数字要正确 (四) 正确理解和运用商业术语 (五) 合适的写作技巧或方法,以及正确运用其他的六个”C”。

(1) 正式的和非正式的语言水平所用词汇比较
formal informal terminate domicile deem transpire conflagration edifice endeavor obtain; procure peruse remunerate utilize subsequent ascertain contingent upon anticipate interrogate end home think(or: believe) happen fire building try get read or study pay use next or following find out depending on expect ask

(2) 正式的和非正式的语言比较
formal informal Will attain the age of 18 years. Will be 18 years old Render us more detail We will institute a mail search Send us more information We will ask the post office to send out a tracer. We thank you in anticipation of this courtesy and assure you that it will be a pleasure to serve you in a similar manner We shall appreciate your helping us. Let us know when we can return the favor. Inform me of your intentions as to the liquidation of this balance Let me know when you can settle this account. Give consideration to a plan. Consider a plan This plan will effect a saving of $10,000. This plan will save $10,000. To effect certain modifications in a procedure contingent upon the concurrence of management To make certain changes if management agrees. The conclusions ascertaind from a perusal of the pertinent data is that a lucrative market exists for the product in this vicinity. The data studied show that the product is in good demand in this area.

(3) 避免使用不标准的语言水平不要说应该说
ain't hadn't ought irregardless nohow in regard to can't hardly between you and I where at isn't, aren't shoudn't regardless anyway regarding can hardly between you and me where 下列是用一内容三种不同语言水平的比较参考: Formal: Although Item 12 is enumerated in the report, the writer has ascertained that it is currently not in the organization's inventory or in the writer's possession. Informal: Although Item 12 is listed in the report, it's not in our stock now and I don't have it either. Standard: Irregardless of the report that item ain't on our shelves now, and I haven't got it either.

二. 叙述得正确商业书信的内容要叙述得正确,既不要说得不够(Understatement),更不要说得过头(Overstatement)。

[例一] This stove is absolutely the best (or: the very best) on the market. (这种炉子是市场上绝对最好的炉子。)这句话是用来介绍商品的,但没有具体介绍商品的性能,而是抽象地断定这种炉子是”市场上最好的”。这样介绍商品,不但不能达到推销的目的,反而使人对写信人有”卖狗皮膏药”的感觉。

[改写]Our model A195 is designed on modern lines and gives, without any increase in fuel consumption, 25% more heat than the older models. So you will agree that it is the outstanding stove for economy of fuel. (我们的A195型炉子是按近代样式设计的,在不增加燃料消耗的情况下,比其他各种旧式炉子温度高25%。所以,你会同意,这是优良的节约燃料的炉子。)

做对外贸易离不开数字。对商业书信中的数字的正确性要特别加以注意,有时”失之毫厘,差之千里”。甚至引起不同的理解。 (a)”以上”,”以下”,”以前”,”以后”,”从。。。到。。。”等的表达法 $2 or (and) above(over)

二美元和二美元以上 60dozen or (and) up (upward, upwards)不少于50罗的定单 5% up to 10% inclusive





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