useful expressions 常用语

1. how to start your letter?

thank you for your letter of ______[date] concerning the goods you ordered ____ weeks ago.

thank you for writing us about your irritation concerning the delay of ….

we have received the letter in which you complained about ….

i’m sorry to hear of the damage to your hairdryer during your trip abroad.

2. how to say that your are not responsible for the damage/error/delay?

the delay, however, was not caused at our end.

we are sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced, but we cannot be held responsible for the delay.

i’d like to clarify a misunderstanding we may have had regarding delivery terms and turn-around time.

it appears that the responsibility should rest with the shipping company.

i’m sorry, but we cannot be responsible for returned goods that are lost in transit.

unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for this damage, which occurred because the hairdryer was plugged into a 220 volt outlet.

3. how to offer suggestions or help?

i suggest that you contact your shipper to start tracing the shipment.

because we are not responsible for handling damage after the product leaves our plant, we suggest you check with your local store for a possible refund.

we suggest that you deal with the shipping company and the insurers who have covered you on the goods.





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