Inquiry1. May I know what particular line you are interested in this time?
2. We are interested in discussing arts and crafts business with you.
3. What particular items are you interested in?
4. We are very much interested in you hardware.
5. What products do you want to purchase this time?
6. We should like to purchase Shanghai printed pure silk fabrics.
7. This is our inquiry. Would you like to have a look?
8. We hope that we can do substantial business with you in this line.
9. Have you got the catalogue for this line?
10. It is the printed pure silk fabrics produced in Shanghai.
11. I think these patterns are quite good.
12. We’d like to know the availability and the conditions of sale of this line.
13. Could you tell me the Article Number of the products?
14. We are interested in mobile cranes with a lifting power of over 35 tons.
15. Have you got a product of this specification?
16. I think model NK-400E is in conformity with your specification.
17. Have you read our leaflet?
18. What type do you want to order?
19. We are thinking of placing an order for D6C.
20. What is the total weight of this kind of bulldozer?
21. The total weight of the bulldozer is 14 tons.
22. What is the distinguishing feature of the bulldozer?
23. The bulldozer can be handled easily.
24. Have you got the one which have an output of 150 horsepower?
25. We are in a position to accept a special order.
Offer1. Will you please let us have an idea of your price?
2. This is our latest price list.
3. Our price is highly competitive.
4. Can you tell me the price of these goods?
5. Would you please give us an approximate idea of the quantity you require.
6. The size of our order depends greatly on your price.
7. I think it’s better for you to quote us your price first.
8. I’d like to have your lowest quotation CIF San Francisco.
9. Would you please tell us the quantity you inquire so as to enable us to work out the offer?
10. Can you give us an indication of your price?
11. The price for this commodity is US$400 per piece CIF San Francisco.
12. Is this you CIF quotation?
13. This is our FOB quotation sheet.
14. Are the price on the list firm offers?
15. All the quotations on the list are subject to our inal conformation.
16. I wonder whether there are any changes in your price?
17. The price for this commodity has changed somewhat compared with that of last year.
18. When can I have your CIF firm offer?
19. We can work out the offer this evening and give it to you tomorrow morning.
20. How long does your offer remain valid?
21. Our offer remains open for 3 days.
22. If your price is favorable, we can book an order right away.
23. We may reconsider our price if your order is big enough.
24. All these articles are our best selling lines.
25. These patterns are relatively popular in the international market.





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